Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Blaine Casil

Comic By: Blaine Casil

For this comic, I tried to fit in a bit of comedy into it. It starts off with someone wanting more shade, he then captures the sun and starts to pull it west so it would create more shade for him. He did not realize it but as he kept pulling it, he turned the sun into the moon and it was no longer day. My comic uses interdependent word-picture combinations in the way that the text adds in character and also gives the scenes a little more meaning to them. The pictures could have given the story without the words, but I feel as if the addition of words can set the mood and tone of the comic itself. The other type of word-picture combination I used was picture specific. Like I previously stated, with the addition of words, I was able to create a funny comic rather than a serious one.

Like my last comic, I used only a pencil and a napkin. The reason that I don’t use colors in the comics I make is because I feel like I can’t get the detail that I want, especially when I am drawing it. I am a big fan of black and white art work. By using no colors, I was able to keep the words defined and clear as much as possible. I did not have to worry about the reader having a hard time seeing the words since the comic itself was in black and white. Something else that I found neat was even if I drew something in the wrong area, if I redrew it near where I erased it, it gave a cool effect to the drawing. For example, if I drew the human figure a little off of where I meant to put it then recreated it where it is supposed to be, it would create a cool “shadow” effect on the drawing.

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