Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Rachel Fox

Designed by Rachel Fox, April 2020

For this week’s comic I portrayed the struggle of procrastination that I typically go through with most of my assignments. Starting off with a plan and schedule to falling down a rabbit hole of the internet to then resorting to immense panic and attempting to race the clock to finish whatever assignment that I had spent the day trying to work on. I chose to do this comic because I was able to portray the anxiety that I experience while procrastinating. By using jagged lines like McCloud in chapter 5 I was able to show the steady growth of anxiety as time passes and the due date draws closer. I was also able to use line to create more movement, when the person in the comic is typing you can see movement lines around their hands on the keyboard, and in the panel where the person is vacuuming there are suction lines in going into the vacuum as well as push lines behind it to show its movement forward. Knowing which shape of lines show what made creating movement and feeling much easier. 

Between the panels there are also big leaps in time but not much story is lost in the gutter, for example when the person starts to vacuum you are able to tell that it is the same character who was just on the computer getting up to do something else more productive than simply watching youtube at their computer. I mapped out the time until the assignment that my character had an assignment due at the top of each panel so the comic has its own sense of time in it and the reader can be aware of the rate that things are occuring in the comic. Lastly I chose to use color very minimally in this, I chose to stick to black and white because I felt it was easier to add more detail without the comic quickly becoming overly busy and difficult to process. I only used color in the eyes when the character is watching youtube and I did this to show what they were watching on their screen in a way that was able to stand out to the reader. 

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