Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Luis Trejo

Week 13 comic by Luis Trejo

With the week thirteen comic I was hoping to convey the sense of being afraid and scared of the unknown. It starts of with someone walking alone in a cave with a torch and it suddenly turns off, they are left alone in the dark when something from the dark sneaks up on the person. I used Adobe Illustrator to create this comic and used the rectangle tool, paintbrush tool, and the gradient tool. I used the rectangle tool to create the panels of the comic, then I used the paintbrush tool changing the style to a charcoal pencil, it gave the story in the comic a certain feel also making it easy to view because the art was simplistic without many detail. Then I used the gradient tool to create the effect of having brightness in the cave because of the torch, then having darkness because the torch light turned off, which is why the background color changed. I used facial features and symbols to display emotion. I displayed emotion and symbols at the final three panels with showing sweat fall from the characters face and using his eyebrows and mouth to show that the character is afraid, I also used dramatic facial features and a symbol on the last panel to show how afraid the character is from the beast in the darkness. I have only used Adobe Illustrator a few times and one thing that I observed is that all the tools work much like they do in Adobe Photoshop. Because I am very familiar with Photoshop, it was easy to create what I was envisioning. The type of closure that I used in the comic is moment to moment. Every panel in the comic happens right after one another. I found that using a moment to moment closure throughout the comic would work best if I wanted to make an unknown creature sneak up on the person that is walking in the cave. 

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