Weekly Blog: Living in Line Kirk Brown

This week I attempted to convey emotion through the line work in my comic. The theme I chose for this comic is regarding senior classes and the climate in which they graduated. More specifically, I took historical moments in American history and made each panel of a snapshot of what those seniors in high school could have potentially gone through. For example, I begin in 1945 which was at the tail-end of the second World War. Many enlistees lied about their age to join the war effort earlier. Undoubtedly there were high school seniors on the front line. Then I chose 1962 which was a time of political unease. I wanted to show that the idea of nuclear warfare was a very real and scary thought for the seniors that lived through the period. In the image I added a fallout shelter on the side of the house, which was hard to see. Then I chose 1972 which had the Vietnam War and a lot of political unrest. Finally, I made a panel for the senior class of 2020. This week seniors in Washington and Oregon were told they would not be finishing the year in the classroom, but rather in online formats due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

As far as the technical terms go, I used colored pencils and a sharpie to create this comic. I have been unable to find more materials to incorporate into this piece. I free-hand drew all the images from famous photos of the era in which they were taken. For next week I want to use collage in my comic to give a different artistic style. The closure used in my panels go from era to era. In some cases it jumps multiple decades. I would say this comic is very inventively regarding the time frame used.

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