Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Jennifer Engelke

Weekly comic created on Adobe Illustator by Jennifer Engelke.

For my weekly comic this week I chose use Illustrator to create and tell the story about a bug. The bug is relaxing in a warm bowl of soup and has just made a new friend; however, they are quickly separated! The bug meets (what the reader thinks) to be an unfortunate fate. Luckily, it is the bug’s lucky day as he escapes from the mouth of the human. I convey a lot of different components from various chapters into my first weekly comic. From chapter 3 I used closure in the panels where we see the human holding the spoon with soup and the bug, then in the next panel over the spoon is empty and the human’s mouth is full. This type of closure is action-to-action. In addition to chapter 3 knowledge, I worked with the ideas learned in chapter 4 about time frames. In the long bottom panel, the bug is being spat out by the human. We see droplets of the soup and the bug in a curled up position, bracing for impact with the table. Since this is a long panel I was able to convey that this scene was to be viewed in slow motion for a dramatic effect. With these two chapters under my belt, I additionally thought about how I could incorporate lines into my comic. I use lines in the first panel as heat. The steam from the soup is in a different pen stroke than any other stroke seen in the comic to give the effect of warmth. In addition to the meaning of lines in this panel, I also use lines to convey motion later on. As seen in the third-panel lines are being used to show the spoon (and new friend of the bug) is rising away from the bowl. While the reader could most likely put together what is happening with the bug’s speech bubble the lines help solidify the movement. Seen again in the last panel is movement. The bug is being spat out by the human and having the soup droplets and lines help solidify the idea that the bug has been removed from the human’s mouth. In this week’s comic, I focused on using different ellipses. I varied my strokes throughout and shifted the anchor points so that I was able to obtain the shapes I desired. This strategy makes the bug seem friendly, a rounded bug-like character portrays a kinder appearance rather than one with many sharp edges and spikes. Along with the ellipses I used many pen marks that were rounded. This helped with my friendly emotions. With thought put into every shape I created I am quite proud of my first weekly comic as I think I have accurately portrayed the emotions, movement, and senses I aimed to show.

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