Blog #6 Graphic Novel Review: Brady Davis

First of all, apologies for the belated post. Still getting the swing of these online schedules and have also been battling some sort of stomach bug in bed over the past few days.

For my Graphic Novel, I chose Here by Richard McGuire. This novel intrigued me as it takes normal settings such as a living room, and contrasts the frames of things happening in that place throughout time. I found this concept to be so intriguing as I grew up in a house that was built by my Great-grandfather back in the 1950s. I recently came across an old box of photos from the attic and found pictures from a dinner party at my house back when my Dad and his brother were children. I was instantly infatuated with the small details of these photos, trying to figure out where they were taken, and what has changed. I think what Richard did here is extremely creative and nostalgic.

In this frame from Here, the same room is shown but from 4 different years: 1941, 1975, 1990, and 1996. The 1941 frame shows a boy sleeping on the couch. In the 1975 frame, there is a figure walking through the house wrapped in a blanket. The wallpaper and carpet have changed, but the rug is still there. In the 1990 frame, there appears to be an older man sitting on the couch after a nap (this could be the boy from 1941?). The blinds have now been replaced. In the 1996 frame, it’s difficult to make out exactly what’s going on, however it seems as though the wallpaper and blinds are still the same. I see a person holding a book looking out the window but this is definitely up for interpretation.



Here really hit home for me. It actually kind of inspired me to do something similar in my own house with old photos. I think it would make a fantastic gift to my Dad for a birthday or something one year.

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