Graphic Novel Review: Ivan Franco

Watchmen Chapter 3, Alan Moore

For the Graphic novel review I decided to read the Watchmen comic. I read the book fairly quickly and I enjoyed it very much. After I read the novel I watched the movie to see how faithful the film could be to the comic. The comic does a great job of establishing a pattern of graphics that come up frequently. The most notable you can see in the image above. Throughout the novel there are scenes that splice together and go back and forth. when it shifts images it shows a change in color. Color is the most in depth value that the comic utilizes. The comic is full of bright colors, ranging from dark to pastel and neon. The novel is not afraid of the aesthetic that it establishes and it uses to its ability.

I enjoyed the story very much and I love the alternative take on superheroes and the superhero comic genre. It is a rather mature novel that tackles issues of sexual harassment, racism, class, violence, and good vs evil.

Overall, I liked reading this novel very much and I’m glad I choose this comic over some others. It honestly makes me want to read some other comics like Moon Knight or other independent novels.

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