Graphic Novel Review: Luis Trejo

The comic book that I read was “Bone: Out From Boneville” by Jeff Smith. This is the first book in a series of nine adventure books. The story consists of three cousins that moved away from their hometown because one of the cousins wanted to become rich. The book starts off with them roaming in the desert and they eventually become separated in the desert. Rat creatures that live in the desert plot on kidnapping them and eventually killing them. They eventually find people that live in the valley, they become friends with many and get them to help them to survive the plotting of the rat creatures.

Bone 1: Out from Boneville Graphic Novel by Jeff Smith pg.14

Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” chapter “Living in Line” talked about all the types of iconography that are commonly used when people create comics, and I noticed that many examples that he used were also used throughout “Bone: Out From Boneville”. The iconography in the comic book was warm and gentle. There were many symbols that were used throughout the book that thoughts and emotions. There were also many sounds that were in a strictly visual medium. The book also used color to set the mood for the panel throughout the entirety of the comic. For example, they would use pitch black panels to represent a dark cave and build up excitement because the characters as well as the reader has no idea where the character is moving and what surrounds them.

The visuals in the comic book were simplistic and had a very clean and finished look. I believe that the author decided to create this type of visual for the comic book because the characters have a very simplistic look, that makes it easy for the readers to relate to them. The use of color also makes the book more enjoyable and desirable for the readers to read. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend other to read it as well.

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