Graphic Novel Review: Anna Davenport

The graphic novel that I am choosing to write about is A Wrinkle in Time. I did my blog post 4 on this one as well. I chose this one because I really liked the way that the artist did the drawings. I had a hard time finding a graphic novel that I was interested in reading but I really did enjoy this one. The story is about a young girl Meg, that goes on an adventure with her childhood friend, Calvin and her brother Charles to rescue her father who is stuck in a different world. The girl gets help from multiple made-up characters such as Mrs. Whatsit who helps them throughout the adventure. They go through multiple worlds that have different quests through different worlds. This graphic novel also has a movie and I am not sure what one was made first. However, since this was written for an older group of kids and the information that is in the book is a bit more complex the author used more of a realistic look where there are details. Here I have a example from the book that represensts the artwork that thte artist did.

A screenshot from a Wrinkle in Time By Hope Larson

As you can see the artwork that Hope used was more detailed than a lot of other cartoons that we see. Even though it is mostly in blues whites and blacks we can tell very well the emotions and can identify who each character is. In McClouds book that we are reading called Understanding comics, he mentions that when you are doing comic there are more developed characters and less developed characters. For example, his character is less developed in that it does not look exactly like him but you can still tell who he is. I think that this graphic novel is a bit more towards the detailed side because there are hair details and face details on the characters. Another thing that we can see in this screenshot that relates to the reading we had this week is that we can tell emotions through the artwork. In chapter five McCloud gives many examples of how an emotion can be shown through art. The place that I think that Hope Larson does this is when Meg is embarrassed by her mother and you can see the emotion on her face through the lines on her cheeks. Even though there are not the traditional red cheeks through the lines we can infer her emotion.

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