Northwest Alternative Comics: Trent Madison


Pete Bagge’s comic saved by the WSU art Museum from the 2016 art exhibition 

One Example I saw at the show on museum on Tuesday was the piece by Pete Bagge. This comic used boxes that were all the same size. There was no color used on this comic. He balanced the elements in the comic by dispersing the use of the shading. He showed a dominance in some of the frames by making one person bigger than the rest so we know to focus on what they have to say. Those elements make me intemperate the comic as a guy who doesn’t want to go to an art museum or show is dragged to one by his girlfriend. She then runs into a friend and hes alone looking at art, when he ran into someone as well and insulted the work. It turns out the artist of the work he insulted was that of the other guys girlfriend.

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