Northwest Alternative Comics: Chloe Brusseau

In class on Tuesday, I had a great time browsing through the Northwest Alternative Comics collection in the fine arts building here at WSU. Many pieces caught my eye and were very interesting to read and look at. One piece that stood out to me when visiting the Northwest Alternative Comics Collection was one by Paul Chadwick. The comic display was just one panel filled with an illustration. I interpret a monster-type being in the middle of some sort of office, surrounded by 2 humans who are watching the news. Using closure, I might assume that they are watching a newscast relating to a disaster the monster may have caused, due to the manner in which he is sitting (shoulders shrugged, head down). The element of size plays a big part in this illustration, the monster takes up a lot of size which draws the eye to him. The texture of the “monster” as I keep calling it also draws my attention in, as it is very rough, rocky and inhumane. The people stand out as the clear subject of the illustration due to the contrast from the black walls to their mainly white/light colored figures.

Photo by Chloe Brusseau, March 10 2020. Northwest Alternative Comic by Paul Chadwick

It is hard to think about time frame as this particular piece from the collection only displays one panel of the comic, however there is a sense of a long moment in time taking place in this illustration. There isn’t much action or movement. It gives off a lethargic feeling that can be viewed as melancholy or ever eerie.

Overall I felt drawn to this piece because of the intricate and realistic looking illustration which I found impressive, and the intriguing subject of the illustration pertaining to the strange monster-being. I would love to look further into some of Paul Chadwick’s work in the future.

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