Northwest Alternative Comics: Blaine Casil

Abruption: Taylor Dow

When we visited the WSU Art Museum Collection to see some of the work that was present ate the Northwest Alternative Comics, Abruption by Taylor Dow is one of the comics that caught my attention. As I read through the comic book, a lot of it were series of images without text which let the reader create their own dialog in their heads. The reason I picked this comic is because of the story I was able to form with the images. What I saw was someone who was constantly running away, trying to find the light, yet he struggled because there were things holding him back and trying to keep him in the dark. When he finally found the light, it was taken again yet he finally faced the darkness and tried to get the light that was taken. In other words, he faced the darkness in order to see the light.

I quickly noticed that Taylor Dow used a few of the elements of design in this comic. He used color and value in unity. Although the comic was only in black and white, he used different shading techniques to give attention and detail to certain objects. He also used a lot of lines to create details or to show things radiating such as the ball of light.

As for closure, Taylor Dow used moment-to-moment which can be seen in the image above. As the reader transitions downward through the different scenes, the main character is shown slowly moving closer to touch the light. When he does, a shadow can be seen forming on the opposite end. Once the reader gets to the last scene on the page, the main character is touching the light and another character is introduced.

Overall Taylor Dow uses a number of different techniques to portray the story “Abruption”.

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