Northwest Alternative Comics: Ivan Franco

Abruption by Taylor Dow 2014

When in the Fine arts Building. I read this book called Abruption. It was the most interesting book I read at the table. A combination of a surreal story, amazing visuals and a melancholic mood made for a interesting read and view. The book follows this nameless character through strange and trippy events. The book has little color, just black and white, but it makes good effort on depending on the colors to describe the story. The shapes of characters are nor boxy and rarely stagnant, the characters display motion very effectively. Most of the textures are smooth and pleasing to look at. Even if the story is chaotic and unpredictable, it is never in any danger or threatening. there are great uses of hue and light later in the book when the main character encounters an inverted dark character of himself that mimics his moves in the opposite direction, because of the minimal colors the dark character represents a perfect alternative. The book also constantly does this breaking of panels to move across time and images. In the photo above the character breaks through the panel into the water below. and just before you can see the character crawl across multiple panels to show the progression of space and time.

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