Northwest Alternative Comics: Ben Apostol

The comic that I chose to take a look at analyzing closure and time frames was a piece by David Lasky. This one in particular stood out to me because of the free form style the art takes on in letting the person viewing decide how to interpret it. Each of the components of the comic presents new smaller details that adds to the complexity and the message. When looking at the image as a whole, there is a vivid scene set up by the artist that uses balance and different shape orientation to make the image look complete and whole, instead of random details pasted onto the scene. The artist uses the message bubbles in the scene to communicate to the viewer what is happening to each of the depicted figures. It shows characters either speaking or thinking, but without using words. The artist uses smaller images in the bubbles to give the viewer a symbol. The symbolism in the piece translates through the viewer to use context and the details surrounding the characters to understand who they are and what they are doing. Although the artist gives a lot of the interpreting of the comic to the viewer there is still a fair amount included into the comic that helps the viewer piece together what is happening, such dialog between the characters. This was an interesting a inspiring way to orient a comic, and is a unique way to let the reader or the viewer look at the details and create their own interpretations.

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