Northwest Alternative Comics: Feifan Li

On Tuesday, I read a lot of comics. There are cute UFOs with loving collages, comics with wild styles, comics that say infection with the virus implies precious life, and comics that I do n’t understand. But in this project I decided to write about from the WSU Museum Collection Study Center is “Scorched Earth and Other Stories” by Tom Van Deusen. This comic is paper-based and quite textured. When I browsed this book, I was very interested because it is not an ordinary comic book; unlike other comics I have read, the story is fictitious. After reading this comic, I can see that the author wanted to Use this comic to ridicule some social status quo. He used his protagonist ‘Tom’ to do various things to express the social situation at the time. Tom is a sad character. He has been frustrated everywhere. The women he meets with blind dates are hated by him. His work is not smooth and the relationship between friends is not good. He seems to be hated by the world.

Scorched Earth and Other Stories by Tom Van Deusen
Scorched Earth and Other Stories by Tom Van Deusen

The author used his own experience to draw a disgusting guy. He did his best to achieve the goal of effective dark humor. Like his first date, he was late and he was afraid. However, we can also see that the author used a few simple grids to describe changes in position and time. Maybe this comic is not particularly interesting, but I see a lot of people and deeds in this comic. These questions and pictures will cause me reflection. However, this comic is a very common left-to-right comic, but some parts of the comic are different. He is from top left to bottom left and then to the right. Anyway, I am grateful to the author for creating such a comic. The main character Tom is also a disgusting but acceptable character.

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