Northwest Alternative Comics: Devon Anderson

Vanessa Davis’s comic is a a promotion for the
Short Run Comix and Arts Festival.
There are many different elements and principles
that can be interpreted from the comic.
(Vanessa Davis, Short Run Comix and Arts Festival, Nov 5)

The illusion of texture within the comic is expressed through a very basic texture in the clothing upon the individuals that flow around the comic. There is also a type of texture the reader can interpret from the text written between the images that promotes different events.

Positive and negative aspects of the shape are created by the people presented by the writer. It helps that the people are a stark black and the backward is a sharp white allowing the reader’s eye to see the strength of the negative space in comparison to the images themselves.

The Direction of the comic has a nice circular flow. Although the point of the comic is to promote the festival and the events that will take place, the images are shown in an interpretive way that the reader can read in whatever direction they wish. That said, the easy flow of the comic starts in the middle with the bolded title and circles around the title loosely flowing to the right.

All of the individuals and images of the book within the comic are of similar size and play a role in repetition. All the individuals are proportional, that said, some words are larger than others creating a sense of dominance the reader cannot ignore.

I cannot find a specific part of the comic that could be fined as closure. I also could not define a specific part of the comic that could be considered time frame unless you consider that the book is being passed from person to person instead of everyone having their own book.

All of these aspects are important while interpreting the comic. Because of the strong positive and negative shapes deliberately placed in the comic stood out to me compared to the comics that included more gradation and texture.

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