Northwest Alternative Comics: Edgar Martinez

Hybrid Moment by Mac Clotfelter

When looking at the Northwest alternative comics this was one of the large framed ones. It was kind of hard to believe that these comics were created by people with pen and paper. There was a particular comic in which I took a really close look and could see the pen strokes. This large framed comic by Max Clotfelter caught my attention as I was browsing the comics due to its unique art style. This comic really makes excellent use of texture and value as it can be seen during the transformation and the brick wall. I am a huge fan of texture when it comes to art and seeing that comic artist employ this design choice makes me happy. This page is an example of how closure isn’t used and instead each step is shown through each panel. I think its a good idea to have a mix of closure and showing the reader what is happening.

By Max Clotfelter

This is another short comic by Max Clotfelter but this one came from one of the zinnies. After seeing the first image I wanted to explore more of his comics and happened across this one. The way time frames are used in this particular example were really fascinating to me. When I think of creative ways of using panels in comics this is what i think of. I love Max Clotfelters kinda gross art style and the creative ways in which he uses texture and tone. The different shades of black make the comic appear to have depth. This short comic seems to be heading in one direction but the closure is the exact opposite of what we think, it is a subversion.

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