Northwest Alternative Comics: Anh Ngo

Attractive Woman, 2015″ – Ride the Worm by Dune#33

During our visit to the WSU Museum collection study center from the Northwest Alternative comics collection, the comic that really caught my eyes was the “Ride the Worm” by Dune#33. This is due to the fact that there are over 70 different comic artists who came together and created individual short stories, in which were put together to create a full book. This makes the reader (at least for me) feel very refreshing when reading and seeing the different art styles and stories within one space. Not only that, some stories played with juxtaposition pictorial as not all of the short stories followed the traditional comic format by using panels. For example, Attractive Woman, 2015 does not show any defined line separations in between images. Instead, they used speech bubble and connections of objects to direct the reader to the following panel that is intended for the story to move smoothly.

Some of the characters and objects within the stories have a more defined line and shape. Some lines are thinner than others, with little to no type of shading, no hatching or solid shadows. while others still have some pencil marks underneath pen marks. This makes the readers feel like they are actively watching the artist in the process of creating their art pieces.

Since these are all short stories put into one book, the timeframe of some stories are of different actions are happening all at once, while others are traditional style of showing different actions happening within different panels as time progress or at the same time. In other word, the actions are being divided in which is happening within the same time and space, allowing more contents to be shown within the story. The closer of each story varies. Some doesn’t really have too much words or other images that would automatically tell us about its story. With these, it leaves it to the readers’ imagination by “mentally filling in the gaps of what we observe, thus allowing readers to comprehend the action and meaning between two seemingly unrelated panels”. (McCloud)

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