Closure and Time Frames: Rachel Fox

“Zen Comics.” Zen Comics, by Ioanna Salajan, C.E. Tuttle Co., 1978, pp. 15–17.

The comic book that I selected for this project is called Zen comics. It’s entirely composed of four panel comics about meditation and restfulness. The panels that I selected for closure are the monk reaching into the other panel to grab a stick and then in the next panel he has the stick hitting the apprentices head with the exclamation whack! I think this panel is an action to action progression because you see the monk grab the stick then in the next frame the same monk is depicting the next motion of hitting the apprentice this makes the viewer use closure to understand the sequence of events between these two actions. Much like the example of the man hitting a baseball on page 70 of Scott McClouds book. 

“Zen Comics.” Zen Comics, by Ioanna Salajan, C.E. Tuttle Co., 1978, pp. 15–17.

The time frame that I selected is the apprentice exclaiming that the flag is moving, the eye then slides to the flag blowing in a connection to the next panel of the monk telling him the wind is moving finally you move down and the master is stating that the mind is moving. These are all in one connected sequence rather than panels with gutters and yet they exist at different moments of time that can only pass as the reader’s eye moves over it. The panels feature a unique juxtaposition to maintain the flow of this comic, in order to keep the panels connected the last panel is in the bottom right corner rather than the center bottom or the bottom left. This was done to keep the reader in the same moment that there was not a long period of time between these events occurring. The word feature in the bottom left panel took me a while to understand but just says Zen comics which is the title of the book and was most likely placed there to balance out the unique panel lay out. 

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