Closure and Time Frames: Daylon Hicks

For my blog post #4, I chose to read about Naruto. Naruto is mainly known as an anime tv show, but they also release manga. Manga are comics or graphic novels created in Japan or using the Japanese language and conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. The first image that I have shows the example of action-to-action. The reason that it shows action-to-action is because it shows Might Guy (bottom right) punching Madara Uchiha (middle left). The “TH-THOOM” action shows how this is action-to-action closure. 

Naruto Manga: Page 8

The next photo shows an example of aspect-to-aspect. The bottom panels show the box trying to get complete balance. The next slide shows Naruto balancing the box as he is sitting on it. The reader can be left wondering the flames represent. The reader can just assume that it represents Naruto balancing the box in the middle to obtain balance from his mind mentality and physical.  

Naruto Manga

I have not currently picked a Naruto manga because there is no Naruto manga here in Pullman, but I know I have Naruto manga at my house. Manga is different because you have top left to bottom right to fully understand the story. I wanted to do manga because I have a deep love for anime and I’m excited to learn more about Naruto manga and how it correlates with this class.

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