Final Digital Comic: Edgar Martinez

My Photo Collage


I really wanted to create a collage similar to Lynda Barry’s style and her book. I loved the idea of having a variety of items just placed together with what seems to be no direction. I had a colorful bandana that I wanted to use as a background to give the illusion of the items being placed on a wall, like a board of memorabilia. Looking at past examples of what students had done really opened my eyes to what could be done and was a great help. When we first started I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do for my collage, but after the examples I decided to place objects that interested me. I used text boxes to give some sort of insight into my objects as without the context then it would seem like a random assortment of items. I went with a black box with white text just to make something different and give a nice visual. I usually don’t collect items that mean to me as I like to just live in the moment, so it was difficult for me to find the items that i needed for the collage. So I chose items that had some deep connection to me or some memories. I included some of my characters from dungeons and dragons as it has become something i do every weekend. Most of my fond memories have been preserved in pictures and videos but I didn’t want to use digital pictures for this project as I wouldn’t be able to scab them.

Photoshop Experience

My senior year of high school I took a beginners photoshop class that taught me some basics. It was mostly step by step instructions so I remember very little. However there are things that Ive seen and remember learning about it in my photoshop class. Clipping masks was something that I learned while doing our tutorials and would’ve saved me some time last year. I was already familiar with making selections and layer masks as those were the two features that I used the most. The layer mask tutorial was the most useful to me as I finally learned what it exactly did and how i could use it. Normally i would spend all my time making that perfect selection to make sure it was just right. I would use shift to add extra selections and alt to remove part of the selection. So when I learned that layer masks can use a brush to hide parts and not remove it, then everything I knew began to click. The layer mask was extremely helpful as it allowed me to fine tune my selections and removed the worry of removing pixels. The text box was the only confusing thing that I remember dealing with making sure the text went where you wanted it to was sometimes difficult.

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