Final Digital Comic Collage: Ivan Franco

Fall of the Titan, 2020, Ivan Franco, Photoshop, digital collage

I wanted to juxtapose the images of my sketches with designs that contain color. The sketches are people or characters, while the colored layers are backgrounds, places, and objects. The sketches were done with pencil and and black and white with a photoshop effect on their saturation to make the darks pop out more. The discussion of panels came to mind when making the collage. I am not the biggest fan of collages since I think they are unfocused, unsatisfying to look at, and a bit messy. I didn’t want to put any more layers on this collage then I needed to so that the image would be pleasant to look at and simple. Most of the colors in the image are muted but still serve a purpose to give the black and white sketches a background and hopefully make them easier to see. The panel backgrounds were textures that serve to give a different scene or location to the two sketch characters opposed to the sketch out in front. the sketch out front is imposed on the space stars background as well as on the panels to make it look like the two are focused on him as the subject. The language in the collage is simple. The tow sketch panel characters have an exchange about the defeat of the “Titan”. This is meant to imply a victorious battle that ends with the somber end of the Titan. The only other words are the note from my sister Gena. I put this in the collage to compliment the image and also appear as maybe a good luck note to the characters regarding their battle with the titan.

The characters are my sketches that I have done over time. The two panel characters are my heroes of the collage story. One being a sketch of the statue in front of the Terrell Mall Library. I drew him for a class and thought he looked interesting. The other is my character rendition from my Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. The DnD character is meant to be a straightforward hero or warrior, while the statue is meant to serve as his advisor friend. The Titan is represented by Optimus Prime spliced with nature. He has trees and plants all over his body to give him more story. I drew him for a class back in High School.

This is not my first time using Photoshop. I have taken a class in high school that focused on using photoshop to change photos and edit them to make surreal images. That same class had us use Illustrator to make illustrated character posters. I also took a class last semester, COM 210, that had us use photoshop to create ad posters for our personal WordPress blogs. That class also had Illustrator and we used it to make logos for our brand blog. Using clipping masks helps the collage look more professional, it looked like part of a comic and gave the image depth and story. Unfortunately, because this is a collage, I couldn’t find many tools beyond the clipping mask, selection, and layer tools to utilize. The point of a collage is to mash together images that juxtapose each other. I’m not sure what a digital environment is, but I definitely enjoyed creating in photoshop. I love how PH can allow you to make anything and get creative.

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