Final Digital Comic Collage: Ruby Hopkins

The creative route I took for my digital comic collage was to have a pretty linear story line so those who look at it may be able to understand the story the best they can without a lot of words explaining why I used the images I did. With exception of my title of “A Life Story”, my letter from home, and the ominous “and beyond..” at the end, the rest of the images are simply placed in a way where I hope to convey they tell a story of my life so far. I follow Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic pretty straight forward, it is possible to be even more abstract with the photo placement, but again, I wanted the story was telling to be fairly easy to process and understand. Linda Barry’s work definitely changed my idea on how a comic should look, after looking at her word, I understood how much more abstract a comic story may be. Besides, regardless of how the author intended the work to appear, it is all about how the reader interprets it. And even as I continued to work during class time, scanning images and discussing creative options in class, I realized I could get a lot more creative with this project that I would have thought at the beginning of the semester.

With this, I was more thoughtful in the items I chose to scan to include in my collage, the picture of my parents on their wedding day, some sketches of my artwork, and the letter from home are all things that I hold dear to my heart. The collage was supposed to depict the life of two loving parents, having a happy family, and their daughter growing up, learning her passions, and accepting growing up and finding her way in life. The wording I chose whether it was something I scanned, or my title of the collage, was placed there to help the reader understand what exactly my purpose behind this collage really was. My ending message, “and beyond…” was to show that the story is still going as I continue to grow and learn.

Final Digital Comic Collage By: Ruby Hopkins

In regards to photoshop, this class is the first time I have ever used photoshop. It is all very new to me and I have gotten quite confused and frustrated at times, but that is all part of the learning process. Since I am so new to photoshop, I tried to make this first project fairly simple in how I placed my images in my collage, I used the crop tool religiously to chose the part of the image I wanted to focus on and then laid that image on top of the background I chose. I would then rotate and place the images as wanted to lay them out in the order I wanted to tell my story. I personally do not like composing in a digital environment, I have always worked with my hands to form sculptures, draw, paint, and more. I felt a barrier between me and my work because I had to view it all through a computer screen.

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