Final Digital Comic Collage: Blaine Casil

Digital Comic Collage: Blaine Casi

Scott McCloud’s defines juxtaposition as “pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the view”. For my project I wanted to put emphasis on “The blessed life”. To me everything I chose to scan are the things in my life that I am personally blessed for. The quote I used “Count your blessings, Every Opportunity, Every Dream, Every Goal” I feel fits the mood of my picture collage. A lot of the items I chose are bookmarks in my life that I feel helped shaped me to who I am today, while some of the items are things that have a deeper meaning to it that you may only know if you personally know me. To me, being able to emphasize my blessings in my life, not only give me the opportunity to show others what I am grateful for but it also gave me the opportunity to realize that even the smallest things in my life are blessings. 

This is one the very first times I have used photoshop. Before this project I was very unfamiliar with photoshop and hardly used it, I mostly edit and modify videos rather than pictures. But getting the chance to learn what photoshop can do has opened a new outlet for me to be able to express myself. The tools I utilized the most were the quick selection tool and the different blending options. I mostly used the quick selection tool to isolate my object and to cut out the background or other objects that surrounded the object I wanted to use. As for the bending options, I used a lot of different gradients and used color burn the most. The reason I chose to use color burn is because I wanted to give the illusion that the different objects were imprinted onto the background and looked like they were supposed to be there. I personally like composing in a digital environment because I get the opportunity to edit things as well as manipulate them in any way I see fit. I also have the ability to switch up the mood of the thing that I am working one based on how I want the viewer to see it.

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