Physical to Virtual: Sabrina Hoenes

The materials I brought to the CDC were mostly flat and didn’t have much texture to them. But I did bring a hand embroiled pencil pouch in and decided to use that for one of my first scans. I decided on that because I believed it to be one of the more interesting items I had. It also had a wider color variety. I thought it would be interesting because the scan shows the intricate weaving pattern in the pouch. I think it will be interesting to use because it has these flower details that I can use to create an interesting border around my comic. I also thought of using the birds as a possible central figure throughout out my comic.

Pencil Pouch Scan

The second item I scanned was a playing card. I thought the ripped/ torn texture was recalling interesting. The scan really emphasized the texture in this unique and cool way. I have not exactly thought of how I would use it in my comic, or if I will use it in my comic, but I just found the texture to be fascinating. I also liked how the torn parts looked layered on top of the playing card almost creating this 3D or collage looking effect.

Playing Card Scan

Other items that I would want to scan is maybe things that have either more of a softer or rougher texture to add more variety. I also want to practice scanning items that are not necessarily flat. I would also like to scan real flowers and possibly leaves to contrast the embroidered one . I also want to digitize things that cannot be digitized through a scanner. I also want to digitize more of my hand drawings so I can incorporate the different mediums and the different textures of the materials.

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