Physical to Virtual: Rachel Fox

For the first day of scanning at the CDSC I bought a silk scarf that I thought the pattern of which would make a nice background. While doing my first scan I forgot to check the resolution and because the scarf I was scanning is fairly large I accidentally took a scan at a very high resolution and it  took about ten minutes to complete. I have already gone back to the CDSC and scanned the rest of my items and having made the mistake of not checking file size once I was very careful to not repeat that mistake. The remaining items that I have scanned are small patterned paintings, pretty stationary, and some wrappers off of food items that have a nice texture,such as foils or translucent cellophane.  I think the variety of textures and design that I am using in my scans will create a very multidimensional digital collage. While not too many of my items are all that sentimental they could definitely be organized into a collage that has large collective meaning. 

While I was thinking of things that I could bring in I had difficulty thinking of things that look good in a collage so I painted a couple designs that would look good in a background but also wanted different textures other than matte painted paper. So the scarf that I scanned already helps in showing a different texture. I also used a valentines day foil candy wrapper that reflects light at interesting angles and is crumpled in a cool pattern. I  used a patterned stationery that has an empty center so if there was text that I wanted to feature there would be a plain place where it could sit without looking overly busy I am unsure if there is text that I would want to use but I wanted to ensure that I left that option open for myself. 

Scan by Rachel Fox, February 2020
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