Web Final Comic: Arron Borja

I was aware of Wix and how I can make a website through that platform. When this assignment was assigned and we were told that our comics had to be on a website, I automatically thought of using Wix . Especially after Kristin explained HTML and CSS, I knew that that type of website builder would not be for me as I have no experience whatsoever with it so, I ended up using Wix.

The technique that I used to guide the reader is through buttons directly in the middle of the comics. It is very hard to miss these buttons and the character guides the reader through text asking them questions where they are able to answer them through pressing the buttons in the middle. My one problem with the buttons however, is that I could not move them precisely where I wanted them. They were sort of stuck right smack dab in the middle. It was okay, though because I was able to make the design of my pages work with it.

My comic is best viewed on computer screens but, Wix has a feature where a mobile readers can read with ease as well. All readers really have to do is interact with the story of the character through pressing buttons.

I think Scott McCloud would say that it’s a very nice way to display a comic through the web. I used lines and stroke effectively, utilized the frames of the comic efficiently and I overall just used a series of juxtaposed pictures to tell a story of a character who was troubled about going to school or not.

In terms of programs, I strictly used Adobe Illustrator for this whole project. I just believe that Illustrator makes it much easier to create and modify shapes and that’s very useful for making comics. I used Wix for my Web Comic. Wix made it really easy to just import my comic pages and link buttons to other scenes. My only problem again, was that I could not move the buttons to exactly where I wanted to. Unless Wix does offer that feature, then I just wasn’t trying hard enough to figure that out. Nonetheless, I am happy with the way my Web Comic turned out and how I made it work with the button placement.

I learned about clipping masks in Illustrator. This is really useful when wanting to make shapes inside of shapes. There is another way around this however, but it would clipping masks, I believe are faster than any other way. In terms of making websites, I just learned how easy it could be to make a website for anything whether it be for an online portfolio or resume, adding content is super easy.


Link to my Web Comic:



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