Final Web Comic: Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza

Here is the link to the full comic: Final Web Comic

I am thankful for Murrow College.

By: Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza // This is one of eight scenes in my digital comic. If you’d like to see the rest, feel free to follow the link posted at the top of this blog post!

The current possibilities of my webcomic include scrolling down a single file group of two scenes where multiple parts of the comic can be analyzed at once. Viewers also have the option of clicking on each comic to see each scene up closure and clicking from the left or right to move to the next or current scene. The major limitation that I had to take into consideration was that on smaller devices, like my phone, not all of the images look perfectly clear even though I used high resolution.

WordPress did that by default and on a computer screen, all of the images look better. All of my scenes flow from left to right and top to bottom. My use of linguistic mode also helps to guide readers through the comic. My panels are very uniform because I used WordPress’ square grid option which made all the gutters equal and precise. Scott McCloud might say my comic is an interesting mix between real-life pixel-based graphics and cartoon settings.

I used photoshop to cut myself out of photos and then I placed those PSD filed into Illustrator where I created a vector-based setting. During my freshman year, I had a friend who would do this a lot just for fun. He would create funny cut-outs of himself to be silly and make people laugh. Often times, people could very much relate to the scenes he made which is why they were such a hoot. I wanted to try this tactic out myself. I used WordPress for this comic because I liked the option of creating a square gride and then allowing users to click on each photo. I wouldn’t be able to code that with HTML and CSS in the time span/skill level I am currently at.

WordPress doesn’t display Adobe files or PDF’s so I uploaded high-quality 1200X1200 pixel JPG’s that I exported for Adobe Ai. I learned more about exporting settings in both Illustrator and Photoshop. There are so many options and I had a few questions about image quality and why resolution requirements change depending on the situation.



About Ana Maria

My name is Ana María Alaniz Mendoza. Currently, Washington State University is where I'm working towards a double major in advertising and digital technology/culture.
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