Individual voices: Arron Borja

I feel that this is one of the most creative and engaging zines that I have encountered. Time and motion is presented in this zine very well. I believe that the reader can make the indication that these two figures are in their older ages by simply examining their facial features.


Now regarding motion, the artist clearly takes it into consideration while making the two characters’ hands as they help the reader better understand what they are potentially talking about. I also chose this particular zine because regarding word-image combinations, this zine does not have any words besides on the front cover. I really respect that this artist was still able to strongly tell a story about two people and their seemingly toxic relationship.

In chapter 9, McCloud says that in today’s comics, there is only “one form of mass communication in which individual voices still have a chance to be heard. Taking this in mind, I think that the artist of this zine really hit the nail on the head in bending this commonality. The artists forces the reader to think outside of the box. I myself even feel like I have an accurate idea of what the story’s about.

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