Individual Voices: Min Kim

What seems to be a dark self image created through the connection of a ball of light. (Taylor Dow, Abruption, 2016, pg 2)

During the visit to the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center, there were an array of comics by many different artists. Looking around the the diverse works, I stumbled upon Taylor Dow’s short strip called, “Abruption.” It was a short comic and equally as simplistic being only three pages and completely black and white. This art piece resonated with me personally because as the title suggests, I interpreted abruption as one’s reaction to change in life. When we are faced with new experiences or things, a new part of us forms and though we are unsure or confused, we continue to move on as it takes us somewhere and changes who we are whether we like it or not. In the later pages, the dark figure departs and leaves the original figure which leaves the readers with no resolution which is a prime example of closure.

In addition, this comic relies completely on illustrations and contains no words making it more picture-specific. Although there isn’t a distinct message or meaning, it is constructed to be open to the readers to interpret and just as I felt, able to make an individual interpretation of the comic to their own personal feelings and experiences. The detailing in the lines not only portrays the brightness of light throughout the comic but also, it adds detail into the rather simplistic drawings of the figures making for a more interesting composition along with the art style.

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