Individual Voices: Ivy Padayao

During the trip to the fine arts display, I feel like a lot of the pieces of art resonated with me. I think the idea of the pieces being “alternative” and having the descriptions of the artists, really helped me look at the comics in a different light than I would have originally. I think when the pieces are made to be more alternative the artists create a deeper meaning with the pieces they are creating and seem to be a little more personal than a mainstream artists would create.

One piece that really stood out to me throughout the exhibit was Ellen Forney’s pieces. By just looking at the pieces I could tell right away there was a sort of self reflection in her

“Strip Poker” by Ellen Forney

“Sweet and Sexy” by Ellen Forney

artwork. The first piece titled Strip Poker and the second piece Sweet and Sexy seem to tie together in the idea that it seems like an “advertisement” to find men and the other to find woman. It seems like the author is struggling with her sexuality or is struggling mentally on her emotions. Ellen Forney’s voice within these pieces I think speaks very loudly, and that’s what really made it stand out to me. When first looking at these pieces you can see that those works of art speak for themselves in a way. You can tell that there is a deeper meaning to the works than just when you first look at them. After reading through Ellen Forney’s background, it explains that she is struggling with bipolar disorder and that a lot of her artwork shows the journey, struggle, and acceptance she has gone through after being diagnosed with this disorder. This is prevalent in even just these two pieces of work being that she seems confused on exactly what she wants and is making that clear to her audience.

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