Invisible Emotion: Joseph Gardner


An image from Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2.

This is an image from Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The line quality in this scene conveys a sense of unease, tension, and shows that there is something sinister about it. In the next scene, it is revealed that there is a group of robots.

The starkly contrasting lines make it look like a black and white prisoner’s uniform. This could make the reader feel a sense of isolation and entrapment. The strong lines help to further these negative emotions.

Straight, strong lines usually feel cold and more serious than malleable squiggly lines.

This makes sense, because from what I have gathered, the two characters are the bad guys. The shadows from the lines also cover parts of the characters faces. This makes them more mysterious and dark, and the reader doesn’t trust the characters. 


This is an image entitled “The Spark”

This is an interdependent image with text and a drawing. Without the drawing, the image would have little impact. It’s still beautiful artwork, but it would not be as meaningful.

Without the image, the poem would also have less impact. With an image and the poem, they complement and juxtapose each other. They both show the survival of the fittest, but they show different time periods.

As a whole, it makes the point that the idea of survival of the fittest is a selfish thing, and always has been. Instead of helping others grow and “sharing the wealth”, people compete against each other. This could include killing each other, as in the left side images, or creating a society where the rich and the poor are separated by a large margin, because the rich want to keep their money for personal gain.

It shows that this is a universal idea that has always been around.

The other works in this series are extremely similar, juxtaposing modern-day and the first humans with each other.

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