Invisible Emotion: Ivy Padayao

When looking through the artifacts at the MASC there were a lot of different pieces that stood out to me for lines conveying emotion, but the one that stood out the most was a

“3D Batman” by Bob Kane published by National Periodical Publications in 1966 printed in USA

comic titled 3D Batman by Bob Kane. This is a comic about Batman and the crazy adventures he gets into, but expressed in 3D. When flipping through the book, I found that Bob Kane would often use lines and how we made the images to create tension for the reader, and the 3D aspect would make this feature stand out even more. In this example, for the inside cover page, you see a lot of sharp hard edges coming off of objects to create a sort of “sound” to go along with the image that conveys tension with the reader.




Also, while looking through the artifacts within the MASC there were a lot of examples I found while looking at the much older books that conveyed a lot of interdependent examples between lines and words in the works. In this example from A Pisgan-sight of Palestine and the Confines Thereof with the Old and New Testament Acted Thereon by

“A Pisgan-sight of Palestine and the Confines Thereof with the Old and New Testament Acted Thereon” by Thomas Fuller B.D 1652

Thomas Fuller B.D, you can see how the images are very descriptive, but there is also words throughout the images that are key for the reader to fully understand the image. While I don’t understand the language the author used within this piece, there is a reason the author incorporated the words into this piece. From what I can interpret it is the names of the places the images are conveying, or better describing to the viewer what is happening in the picture. 

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