Closure and Time Frames: Joseph Alonso

Comic created by Jeff Smith, 1991.

The book I chose to read is the first book in the Bone series, Out From Boneville.  The example of closure that I chose is the scene where Fone Bone, the main character, reunites with his cousin Smiley Bone, which is one of his main goals throughout the book.  This scene is both an example of moment-to-moment, and action-to-action.  It is moment-to-moment when the scene goes from Fone and Smiley see each other to them running to hug each other.  Another neat detail is how the background goes from the detailed forest to a single color to denote that their reunion was all that mattered in that moment.  The page then goes to an action-to-action format when they talk to each other.  Going from a hug to Smiley holding Fone out so he can get a better look at his cousin.

Comic created by Jeff Smith, 1991

The example I chose for the time frame, is the part of the book where winter arrives.  Earlier in the story, Fone Bone is warned by Ted, a leaf-shaped bug, about winter in the Valley, which hits “fast n’ hard in these parts.”  Fone Bone sits to ponder what he should do next when winter hits.  This scene, while telling the readers what exactly happened before and after, leaves it up to our interpretation exactly how hard the snow fell.  For all we know, the ground could have quaked a bit because of the WHUMP! onomatopoeia.  Fone Bone could have been completely buried before poking back up out of the snow.  That’s not even counting what happened off-screen, as this snow falls all over the valley like this.

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