Closure and Time Frames: Emily Bartholomew

The Graphic Novel I decided to read “The case of the missing man”. I choose this book because I like to read mystery books and I thought it was a cool idea to make a mystery novel into a graphic novel. I have never read this book before and I normally don’t really read graphic novels so I didn’t really know what I would like, or if I would like to read these types of books.

The Case of the missing men page 6 and 7

The example I decided to use for closure was page 6 and 7. In these pages, you get a sense of a man driving in the dark through a town and during the middle of the scene you get interrupted by this smaller panel of a toy clown. Then it resumes to his drive in the dark. These pages are before the first chapter in the book, so it’s like what happened before the story starts. It’s a background of the story before it even starts, to let the reader know what everyone else knows in the town about the missing man.

The Case of the Missing Men Pages 14 and 15

The example I decided to use for a time frame is pages 14 and 15. These panels don’t take up all the space in the pages and have a lot of white space throughout both pages. In the panels it kind of gives an overview of the town that the story is taking place in. The first panel that’s shown in the book focus on one building with other building in the background. The next panel gives a bigger picture of what the town looks like and what’s in it and what its by. The last panel focuses on a person on a motorcycle driving on the street of the town and then follows on the next page of the reader finding out that the person on the motorcycle is a police officer.

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