Closure and Time Frames : Janet Okeago

A graphic novel By i. Mercy, 4 Ever

I chose a graphic comic book 4 ever by  Mercy which talks of a story powered by yearning and it is a love story.  The book seemed to be interesting to me since i fell in love with how the author uses her drawing in a unique way that makes me want to read what is in it, She uses a black and white color in the story and her writings some are graphic which tend to tell the view that she was trying to impress her lover. At some point in the comic book the use of rude words are used  where i think a guy was trying to b nice to the young lady by mentioning how beautiful her hair is but ended up replying rude, the picture shows some dark pictures on the background yelling which one can tell the difference. whether its at night in bar?

A graphic novel By i. Mercy, 4Ever

This other picture am posting attracted my eyes because of the alignment, and use frames is used as discussed in class  and it gives a clear picture. The comic book gives a story of how young girls get into a relationship and the diagrams illustrate the way the young generation dresses and the language they use while talking. And i find it different that some teenagers may be rude to older people due to peer pressure. The book is kind of targeting people of 18 years and older since they are in a generation where people play hard to get.

The comic book 4 ever illustrates on a boy who is cursed with a beautiful androgynous face. He is kind of harassed by some guys where he is punched and the girls slag him which later affects him such that he does not want to be touched by anyone. The use of Art have impacted him positively where he uses it to escape from an emotional empty life.

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