Final Digital Comic Collage: Sydney Seay

This image is the digital comic collage about my life I have created for project 1 in DTC 201 Fall of 2019.

My comic has multiple images in from different mediums strategically placed to tell a story of the things in my life that are most important to me. The images are not in the order you would usually read in, however the sizes draw the readers eyes in a sequence of the images. The denim background is meant to give the readers the comfortable and laid-back feeling because many people associate denim with relaxation and coziness. I chose a lot of fabric pieces because people can identify with what fabric feels like. When they see the scrunchie that is the velvety fabric people immediately can connect with it. We all have had or seen a tassel, which is not only a touch feeling, but also allows the reader to connect with what they felt when they wore or were around a tassel. The Cougar logo is from one of my favorite shirts, and when looked and closely or zoomed in the fabric underneath the white fabric paint can be seen. I chose to include a medal because I felt it was different than many of the other approaches I had used so far. Using the Polaroid picture is not only meant to show the character of the picture, but also that my family is timeless to me. Most people associate polaroid’s with old, which in essence is timeless. The handwriting I layered on top of the picture is from a note my mom wrote me, and again when zoomed in the fibers of the paper are visible.


Working in photoshop was a huge challenge for me. I am completely new to the program, so even the most-simple of tasks were hard for me. I feel more comfortable in the program after this assignment and the tutorials, however I still feel I have a lot to accomplish. The magic wand to make selections, the background eraser to fix the wands mistakes, and the brush tool to perfect the edges of selections were the most useful to me in this collage. Photoshop in general is still confusing to me, but it is getting better. I do like composing in a digital environment better than by hand, but I am not an artistic person and I am not a huge fan on these types of assignments.

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