final Digital Collage Matthew Mollet


My creative motivation came from Lynda Barry’s “What it is”. I liked her rough texture and how she used handwritten letters for her linguistic elements. I had trouble coming up with a topic for my collage so I also used her idea of drawing as the subject. I hope the reader will see that my collage is meant to be rough looking. My idea for the design of the collage was what a person might put into a book or a locker, something that they add to as they go on with no designated design in mind.

My collage fits McCloud’s definition of comic because it is a juxtaposition of images, although there is no real form to it. My linguistic mode was meant to be convey someone writing in a notebook, like they were drawing in their class notes or a journal. As for Lovett’s overview, my texture was rough and the sizes were scattered.

I have used Photoshop before but I have never made a collage with it (usually only for my AMDT classes). I do enjoy working on a digital environment though because you can add seemingly endless details and use practically  any art form.

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