Final Digital Comic Collage: Ivy Padayao

For this comic collage, I wanted to create a sort of emotional/aesthetic response for my audience. The theme is woman empowerment, and I felt the best way to convey this was by

digital comic collage

using various quotes and pictures I created by hand. As for it fitting into Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic, I believe it does. I put the images in deliberate order for the reader to view while using the . In the top left corner I began with an inspirational quote crumpled up along with a quote from the book The Secret stating “learn to quiet your mind” with both being splattered in black paint in a sort of inferred frustration. I wanted the viewer to infer the progress of a person learning and struggling through the idea of woman empowerment. As the images progress though different Ideas, the final product is finally understanding that the “future is female” and feeling they they have the world at their fingertips. In the image leading up to before the final understanding of woman power, the viewer comes across the cover of the book The Secret which is a literary platform that explain how the law of attraction works. I thought this was very relevant with the idea of woman empowerment, and that is why I chose to include a couple of scans from various pages around the book to emphasize the idea of law of attraction. I also used texture vicariously especially with the background of the whole piece being a floral short being wrinkled in many different sports throughout the collage.

This is my first time using photoshop, so this project definitely had a lot of trial and error throughout it’s entirety. Overall, I am happy with how this piece turned out and I feel a lot more comfortable with navigating and using the platform. The tools I used a lot within this project that I learned from the tutorials was definitely the selection and the select and mask tool to select the exact things I wanted to go into the collage. For example, in the top left corner the crumpled paper was pretty tricky getting the exact aesthetic material I wanted to use within the collage, but the select and mask feature made it a lot easier to navigate and see exactly what I was selecting and what I was leaving out. Another tool I used a lot was the brush tool to sort of fade out and blend in the various quotes instead of having them all just have hard cornered edges. I really enjoyed creating this digitally, because you have so much more opportunity to make things exactly how you want to pixel by pixel!

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