Design Elements and Principles: Bruno Signorelli

One design element that this page in Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is gradation. Although McCloud doesn’t do it in the traditional way of shading a portion of the image dark to light or light to dark, McCloud gets this gradation by the distance of his lines. He plays with the distance between his lines in the background of the image which gives the image a dark section when the lines are close and light when they are far apart. Another design element this page demonstrates is contrast. You see this mainly with the 3rd to last and last panel of the page. Both these panels place a light object with a dark background this allows for the image that McCloud is trying to draw more emphasis on the panel giving it more importance in the panel it is located in. The two dark panels are also contrasted from all the other panels on the page because of there dark background compared to the light background of the other panels making it the first thing you see on the page. The last design element displayed on this page is space. This is best displayed in the first two panels. In the first panel he decides to make the icon of the face very large compared to his typical character model which adds meaning to what Scott McCloud is saying in the panel. The second panel is a good example of the design element of space because of the placement of the icon in the panel which is the dead center again adding to the importance of the icon, and showing it is the focus of the panel and and what he is talking about.

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