Print Versus Digital Comic: Jon Klaveano

Creating my original hand drawn comic was quite the experience. Most of the time I spent on this project was spent thinking about what I should make the comic about. I thought alot about my drawing ability and it played a major role in my final project. It played a huge role in why I didn’t include certain things. That being said I played it safe and drew stick figures but im still happy with the end product. I was able to tell a story through the comic strip that encapsulated me pretty well. I used thought bubbles and drawings of different objects to make my comic more creative. The hand drawn comic I made definitely has a better sequence of photos than the digital comic. but from a creative and artistic perspective it is lacking.

Creating my digital comic was a lot less stressful of an experience. I knew I wasn’t limited by my artistic ability because of the adobe software. I tried accounting for the first chapter of “Understanding The Invisible Art Comics” while creating the digital comic. I think the words I included in the digital comic help to convey the message I’am attempting to tell. If I did the project again I would try and make my photos more congruent and more related to each other.  I have used Adobe Photoshop before, so it was merely a matter of remembering how to use it.  I remembered using certain tools in adobe photoshop from other classes I have taken.  tools such as layering, lasso, and the cropping tool helped me to create the digital comic. I utilized pictures I had made and taken for two of the photos used in the digital comic. I also used a free use photo from the top of Steptoe Butte which is located in Steptoe, Washington.  The first photo is of me and my siblings on thanksgiving last year. The second photo was made for a television show I helped create for Cable 8 called “Bored & Stranded.”


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