Hand VS. Comptuer Comics: Emily Bartholomew

This is my hand drawn comic strip, that I decided to turn into a digital comic.

This is my digital comic strip that I made in Microsoft PowerPoint

My hand drawn and digital comic are very similar, yet very different. The hand drawn comic strip was easily the hardest one to perform. I had an idea of what I wanted the comic to look like but knowing my artistic skills I knew it wasn’t going to look the way I wanted. Since I’m not an artist I also didn’t have the tools that some of my classmates had to make their comic strip colorful and exciting.

On the other hand, with the digital comic I made I was able to add color and make it the way that I somewhat had planned. I was also able to get the perfect shapes I wanted for the state of Washington and add some vibrant colors to the comic to make it more exciting for people to read or look at. There was an easier advance using the computer by being able to add texture in my background and having people actually know what you drew instead of people trying to guess what you drew.

Both of the comics executed the story that I was trying to tell my audience. Whether somebody was reading it on a physical piece of paper or if they were reading it on their computer or tablet. When it comes to drawing comics, I lean more towards the digital side, but if I was to read one, I would rather want to have a physical copy of the comic. With some authors I feel that you can miss some parts of the story by not being able to touch the texture that they used in the background to get that full affect.

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