Final Reflection: Issaya Saleumsay

I listened to a couple of the post that my peers posted for their final project. The first one was Kaleb Parrish, with this one it was interesting to see how much technology for surgery has changed within the 20 year span. Also, the fact that they both had the same injury and had the same surgery as well, was impressive to see the difference in the technology that changed so quickly. Also, it’s interesting that they improved technology of surgery so quickly and it heals the body better. I feel like this is a good example of oral history because it compares the now to the then and it shows how much different and quickly the world can change.

The next person I listened to was Brandon Bliesner’s post. The first thing I thought was interesting was finding out what a walkman was (a portable music player that played cassette tapes). Also, the difference between a walkman and iPod is impressive. The fact that one needed to have different tapes to play different songs while the iPod had everything on the storage is very impressive. I believe that this was a good example of oral history because just like Kaleb’s post it was the same. Brandon interviewed someone that was older and who was able to compare both a technology that was back in the late 70’s and early 2000’s.

The final person I listened to was, Brianna Esqueda. She had an interesting subject on what the interview was about and how they went about it. Another interesting thing I learned from the interview was that she found someone at WSU to interview and it was about a major issue in the world and is trying to find a cure for cancer. Even though this was a great interview, I don’t believe that this was an oral history. In my opinion she just interviewed someone and asked what they did. However, if she interviewed her for the difference of cancer from the 80’s to now that would be better.

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