Final Reflection: Brandon Bliesner

The first project I listened to was done by Kaleb Parrish. In his project, he interviews his Dad as they compare surgeries they both had for the same injuries. To start the audio, his father tells his experiences of when he received the injury and the surgery that followed. This directly relates to technological development due to the technology that was used during both surgeries. As Kaleb received the injury, later on, the technology that was used was much better, which allowed for better healing and less scarring. I believe that this is a great example of oral history because it is comparing two points in time and it makes a valid observation.

For the second, I listened to Milo Larson’s project. I think that the editing of this video was done pretty well. One thing I would have suggested is turning his voice down as it is a little loud at sometimes. Besides that, I thought it was interesting when he said there were only 2 computers for three-thousand students. That’s crazy to think about since at my school there were 5 computer rooms which were almost never full. This is a great example of oral history. During the entire video, Milo’s dad is telling him stories that paint a picture of how technology has advanced to what it is today.

Lastly, I listened to Issaya Sateumsay’s project. It starts off with talking about the brick phone and some advancements after it. She explains that it went from small phones to larger phones up to the big ones we have now. I believe she is spot on with why they are popular, you can use them for so many different things that can help you in so many different ways. With that being said, I’m not sure if I would consider this a good example of an oral history. My reasoning is that phones are very large in society today and during this project, they are mainly talking about phones we have today. I think that if Issaya’s mom was to have talked more about the brick phone, this would have made a great example of an oral history.

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