Oral History/Soundscape: Jessica Harja

Due to the fact that I did a different project than everyone else, my post and audio will be different than everyone else’s. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do exactly. At first, I was hoping to get audio from wind and trees to make a compilation of nature sounds that are relaxing from various natural parks in the area. But when I went to record them it didn’t turn out so well. Then, during Thanksgiving break, my roommate and I were looking after a friend’s dog. It took her a while to get used to us so I wanted to record audio from a walk that we had where she was happier to be with us. What surprised me the most about creating this audio was that other sounds definitely picked up through the audio. Mainly, the sound of the coat I was wearing. Which, in a way, added to the sound I was going for.

For this project I really just wanted to focus on the different parts of the walk. Like getting ready and putting a coat on, heading out for a walk. It was a crisp morning so I wanted to get the sound of the crunchy surface we were walking on. Thankfully her dog tag was really loud so that can be heard within the audio. Then just the small grabbing Lola’s attention every now and then when she strayed too far. Other sounds I tried to include were cars and people passing by. It was hard to try and get some of the audio that I wanted from the raw file because it was too quiet amongst the rest of the sounds. The ending I kind of left abrupt because we came across a dog off-leash that didn’t look friendly and I wanted to get her home safely.

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