Oral History: Aidan Aumell

The Oral History project was honestly pretty fun and I wasn’t really expecting to be able to instigate a active conversation as well as I did. We recorded this interview in my basement in my house because of how quiet the room was.  I was pretty surprised at how much my mom spoke after I asked the questions, she got really in-depth on certain topics and described them with great detail. She was also very actively interested in the topic and loves WSU with a burning passion, so that really helped out with the who interview process. The most prominent themes that popped up throughout the duration of the interview was life without a cell phone and how people lived life without them. Other themes that came up throughout that interview was different societal norms that we experience in the 80 to the millennial age. It’s was a really cool theme because I go to WSU, so when she was responding to my questions it was more like I was comparing WSU life back then to now. I feel like anyone who lives in Pullman and listens to this interview will compare their life to my mom’s. That was the aim I was going for and I think it really worked out well. I wanted to produce a story that you could relate ton on a personal level.  In today’s age phones are more apart of human’s lives then they have ever been before. I think it’s interested to think of how phones are changing our society and how we basically act or behave. So, drawing a contrast between life without a phone to life where your dependent on your phone makes interested comparisons. Really only wanted to keep the responses of my mom that relate towards not having a phone in college.

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