Oral History: Luke Schauble

The interview I conducted was with my father which meant that conversation flowed very easily. When anyone asks what my dad does for a living, I can always tell them the general idea of his business, but other than that, I am always at a loss for words. Because I was intrigued by the details of his business, I was able to ask him questions not only to get good material for the project, but also because I was genuinely interested. This, along with the good relationship we share, was the reason the interview flowed so easily. However, some of the things he said very much surprised me. When asking him about cyber security as a problem with advancing technology, he told me about a incident that happened a few years ago. He told me that a virus on one of his customers computers caused a hacker to be able to obtain my fathers bank account information, and get away with stealing millions of dollars worth of product. When anything substantial like this happens with my fathers business, I usually know about it, however, I have never heard this story before and it was very surprising to hear.

The theme I used was the positive and the negative aspects of technology on my fathers business. I know that technology has obviously made his business more efficient, and made it possible to do things that his company couldn’t do before technology. However, I wanted to know if the positive aspects of technology outweighed the negative ones. These included a larger workload and cyber security concerns. The way I edited the interview followed this theme. I started off asking him some of the positive aspects of technology on his business and learned that his company revenue increased almost 10 fold over the past 50 years. I then asked him about the negative aspects of technology on his business and learned about some of the security risks it imposes. I also learned that at night, his biggest customers in China are wide awake because of the time difference, so without the internet, he would not be able to communicate with them. I then asked him weather or not the positives outweighed the negatives. He told me that without technology, he does not think his company would be around today, meaning that he needs technology in order to have a business at all.


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