Oral History: Jaclyn Erickson

For my oral history project I had originally planned on interviewing my father over thanksgiving break but he was unfortunately unavailable at the times I was available. So instead I interviewed my Aunt Melissa. When we were first assigned this assignment I was a bit nervous about using Audition because I have never used it before. After playing around in the creative suit with a few of my peers I thought I grasped a fairly basic understanding of how to maneuver around the different tools. I recorded my aunt the basement of my house and in our back guest room. The room is pretty tightly packed with furniture and is very quite so I thought this would be the perfect place to have my interview.

During my interview I had asked about 15 different questions and at times we did have a solid conversation flowing. There were also several times that our conversation would get off track and at one point I was telling my aunt a story of the type of music I listen too and the music festivals I attend. There were a few different times that my aunt would be talking about the history of the record player and the different technologies that arose from the record player.

Once my interview was over I had a listen through of the full 28 minutes and was surprised at how shy my aunt was. She definitely had her moments of going into a story of the record player but never really went into a very personal story or experience with the record player. She mentions her past usage as well as how it had an affect on her childhood and her overall relationship with her family. But was overall more shy than her usual self.

As I began editing, it started out with cutting a of “um’s” and or other long pauses out before I could begin editing the actual content of the interview. I was extremely satisfied with the amount of content I was to work with. About 20 minutes into my unedited file something strange had happened, it seemed to me as if the long pause was a glitch in either the microphone connection or in Audition itself. It lasted for about 30 seconds or so and then picked back up like normal. Thankfully this part of my interview was actually when we were a bit off topic. Cutting down the video was honestly a bit challenging, only because I wasn’t sure what content I wanted to cut out. Once I was able to get the interview down to about 10 minutes it became much easier to listen for all the small echoes or “um’s” as my aunt said it a lot!

One thing that stood out to me during the interview was how often my aunt mentioned the fact that each music listening device became more and more convenient to humans. The interview was much smoother than I had expected. Overall I really enjoyed working on this project and learning a new adobe app.


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