Oral History: Juan Guzman

In interviewing anyone its important to create dialogue with the interviewee and have a connection if not establish a connection. Since I have a good relationship with my subject it was easier to talk and ask the questions that I had prepared. The connections between what the internet music platforms used to look like versus how they are displayed now is what kept the conversations alive and well. It surprised me that he had used a lot of the apps and talked about a few music concepts that I remember my aunts and uncles would talked about using. The main themes of the interview were primarily brought the concept of music production and consumption to light. Music and technology were joined together in interviewing my roommate and it was great to get incite from a different generation. Although he isn’t that much older than me, it’s still entertaining to hear what the pioneering online music was like. I’m used to a lot of the most common applications and music devices so it was time to have a conversation on what music looked like 15+ years ago. In order to say that technology is important, we must also take into account the history behind it. I decided that my interview would be turned into an audio story to show what music had been in the early 90’s through 2000’s. A well-known era by those who were able to use the internet while I was still too young to be able to completely understand how digital music consumption worked. It’s interesting to hear about what advancements helped shaped the music production history and what big a role they play across all cultures. In a lot of StoryCorp’s audio stories we have heard interviewers and interviewees make connections through story telling by not only getting someone’s take on an issue, but also to learning through their experiences. This oral history project was very interesting and it helped strengthen my skill in interviewing and using the Adobe Audition software.

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