Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Tori Bredy

In the book, “Soonish,” written by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith, I chose to focus on the second section and the chapter on Augmented Reality (also referred to as AR). When browsing through the different sections and chapters, I was really intrigued by this particular one. I have been fascinated with the technology, Virtual Reality (VR), so wanted to read this chapter and learn about what Augmented Reality was, thinking the two were not so much different.

After reading the book, it is interesting to think about AR to notions of oral history. With AR, the viewer is able to slightly warp their reality by adding virtual elements on top of reality as seen through the lenses. This relates back to oral history because viewers, especially people of younger generations tend to get distracted when trying to focus on listening to one specific thing. We tend to take our other technological devices and browse Instagram when watching tv or videos for educational purposes. But with augmented reality, we can use technology to make interviews and sharing of oral history more intriguing and easier to engage for younger generations.

For the final project, I would like to interview my mother. My mother is an eighth grade teacher and has been teaching since I was in fifth grade, or about ten years, and technology has definitely changed within the last decade. I would like to ask my mother questions about how technology for her as a teacher has changed within the last ten years with her teaching materials and how technology has changed for her students. I do know that her eighth grade students are checked out a mini laptop at the beginning of each school year that they must bring around to classes for school purposes, one piece of technology I did not have when I was in eighth grade. I would also like to ask my mother questions about her personal opinions with the educational technological advancements such as SmartBoards, using Google programs like Classroom and Drive, and students carrying around laptops for class. I would like to conduct this interview in my mother’s classroom so I am able to look around and talk about any technological items I might find, but enclose in around her desk as her classroom in large and I want the audio to not be echo-y.

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